24 November 2015


I am absolutely in love with this whole outfit.

Today was a pretty big day, being both my best friend's birthday and the first snowfall of the year! Even though the white ground was quickly washed away by rain, I pulled out my new boots and felt like a million dollars. It's amazing what a new coat and boots can do to leggings and a simple sweater!

This jacket is a birthday gift from my parents (just a little early) and I never want to take it off. It is the perfect length, perfect colour, perfect weight, everything I could want in a winter coat. So be prepared to see it popping up everywhere this winter!

Jacket: Firefly || Sweater: Dynamite {similar} || Boots: Old Navy
Leggings: Old Navy || Handbag: H&M {similar}

20 November 2015

Looking Like Leaves

The beautiful changing leaves never last long in Canada, a few weeks and suddenly the bright hues are scattered on the ground, leaving our world looking empty and barren. Ready for winter. So, I decided to take advantage of the tree border that surrounds my yard and document just how beautiful a Canadian fall truly is.

Now that I'm not in school and work mostly from home, I find myself gravitating towards dresses and sweaters almost every day. They're comfortable, but look great if I need to run out for a few errands. This dress I bought two years ago for Christmas Eve, but pairing it with this yellow sweater I just purchased dressed it down, yet made me feel like a fall leaf! Of course, I had to slip into my trust gold studded flats to complete my autumn outfit.

Dress: H&M {similar} || Sweater: Gap Outlet {similar} || Black Tights: Ardene
Tote: Spring {similar} || Shoes: Topshop {similar}

21 September 2015

Update || YouTube

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that my plans have changed over the last few months and I'm on a whole new plan and schedule. Of course, it takes some getting used to, but I'm really happy with where I'm headed.

This is a little update, from me, to let you all in on what has happened and what the next year looks like right now! If you like what you see, head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe!