7 December 2016

❉Blogmas❉ || day 7

The holiday season means lots of eating, probably a little too much drinking and always some dancing. Whether you are hosting the company Christmas party or just wanting a few background tunes while the cookies bake, this playlist will be sure to have you shaking your hips and spinning a few friends around. 

While I'm sure you will be listening to more than just 20 songs this holiday season, these definitely need to be added to whatever playlist you choose. I've listened to them time and time again, and they never get old. The artists and the lyrics really put me (and will put you!) into the festive mood.

1. It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
    Michael Buble

2. Winter Dreams (Brandon's Song)
    Kelly Clarkson

3. That's Christmas to Me

4. A Christmas to Remember
    Amy Grant

5. Oh Come All Ye Faithful

6. Feliz Navidad
    Boney M

7. On This Winter's Night
    Lady Antebellum

8. We Need a Little Christmas
    Glee Cast

9. Cold December Night
    Michael Buble

10. Where Are You Christmas
      Faith Hill

11. All I Want for Christmas is You
      Mariah Carey

12. O Holy Night
      Carrie Underwood

13. Happy Christmas (the War is Over)
      Maroon 5

14. The First Noel
      Carrie Underwood

15. Winter Song
      Sara Bareilles

16. River
      Glee Cast

17. I'll Be Home For Christmas
      Rascal Flatts

18. A Baby Changes Everything
      Faith Hill

19. Wrapped in Red
      Kelly Clarkson

20. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Twenty songs that will have you dancing, laughing and feeling in the Christmas spirit!
Just a side note: if you haven't gotten your hands on either of the Pentatonix Christmas albums...DO IT. They are incredible and probably my favourite albums for the season.

If you have any more suggestions, please leave them below!
You can never have too many holiday tunes.

6 December 2016

❉Blogmas❉ || day 6


...to be honest, I've been watching them for weeks, but for many people t'is the season to turn on the holiday specials. We all have our favourites and I have narrowed down my top ten. Hopefully it's not only entertaining, but gives you some new ideas when it comes to Christmas movies.

Like I said in the video, I'm almost done the Hallmark list! So I need new ideas.
Once you've watched my top ten, leave me yours so that I can have new and wonderful Christmas films to enjoy with my family!

5 December 2016

❉Blogmas❉ || day 5

Every year, I struggle to find unique Christmas Cards that will set my message apart from everyone else. I want the recipients to think that I've put time and effort into picking out a message and artwork just for them. It's a difficult task! 

So, with your struggle in mind, I've rounded up my five favourite Christmas card designs (including the ones I've picked!) I'm hoping this will make your holiday season a little bit easier and much more enjoyable. 

...I mean, who wouldn't love to receive one of these cards in the mail?


$14.95 {on sale for $10.47)


£4.00 {25% charity donation}







Can you guess which ones I bought?
If you guessed the Chapters "Peace Assorted Boxed Cards"...you were right! I love the rose gold and silver colour scheme, but I would've been happy with any of these cards for my holiday greeting.

I hope this helped inspire you to pick out beautiful and unique cards.
There's nothing like a gorgeous design to accompany your heartfelt Christmas greeting.
Happy Holidays!