Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Wait Is Over

Now that I'm finally back home from my European adventure (blog posts to come soon!) I can finish the story of my trip to Toronto...

When I left off, Jenny and I had just arrived in Toronto, exhausted and excited for what was to come. Waking up on Friday morning, neither of us could comprehend that this would be the night we would finally see

After eight months of planning and counting down the days, it was finally here. Yet, we still had hours before the venue was even open. So, we decided to get up, make a trip to Starbucks and do some exploring around the neighbourhood.

There were some beautiful homes and it was nice to once again have my feet in the sand, but neither of us could stop thinking (or talking) about the concert. So, after walking for as long as we could, we decided to go back to the apartment and get ready for the evening. We still had so much to do from makeup to hair to figuring out the subway system!

By two o'clock we were completely ready. After taking an overload of selfies, we headed out the door and started on our long walk to the subway station. Only hours stood between us and the concert of our lives.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Adventure Awaits

As I write this blog post, I am sitting in a hotel in...
Paris, France.
A bit surreal to say the least, but that story is for another time. 
Over and over again, I've mentioned how August was going to be the most exciting and crazy month of my summer. It has yet to disappoint. On the last day of July, my friend Jenny and I packed up our bags and headed on a weekend getaway to the big Canadian city of Toronto.

On the first day, my sister and Hunter drove us to the airport as he wanted to watch the planes fly. As for Jenny - she was so nervous because this was going to be her first time on a plane. I was just excited to finally be on vacation and so ready to board the plane.

Our stop in Montreal was supposed to be short, but due to thunder and lightning storms, we were there for a few hours. Being that Jenny is of legal age in Quebec, we decided to have a drink and explore what the airport had to offer. It was a really fun start to a great trip.

By the time we landed, we were tired, hungry and so ready for bed. Thankfully, we were staying with a friend who event stopped for food on our way back to her place. It was a long day, but we wanted to get to bed as the next day promised bigger and better things!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Kate Katch Up No.2

July has been an extremely eventful month and now that it is coming to a close, I am getting ready to pack up and head out on vacation. While I am so excited to get on a plane, I will definitely miss the spontaneous sunny days I've had at home. 
At the beginning of July, our city was hit with one of the worst storms it has ever seen - Hurricane Arthur. Most homes lost power, some for over a week! While my lights came back on after six days, the neighbourhood I live in was quite devastated and we are still picking up pieces. It was definitely a shock to everyone, but made for some very interesting photos! 
Since the storm, I've been spending most of my days continuing school work and spending my nights on adventures with my friends. This month has definitely been anything but interesting...so here is a look back at what I've been up to in July!

roots from a tree after the hurricane ♡ the view from the front door of Lissy's new house ♡ more trees fallen down

at the wedding of my best friend's sister ♡ taking advantage of photo time with my friend while she is home for a few weeks ♡ starbucks date night with some girls

a mother - daughter sunday afternoon ♡ playing in the pool with my favourite boy ♡ trying out the flower crown

It has been a month full of memories! ...but now it's time to start packing!
What has been your favourite part of July?