15 August 2016

Island Vacation

Take Vacations.

Go as many places as you can.

You can always make money.

You can't always make memories.

A few weeks ago, my parents, my nephew and I went on a little island vacation to stay with my sister and her boyfriend. Prince Edward Island is peaceful and magical, especially when you get to wake up and drink coffee as you stare out into acres and acres of farmland.

With a week full of family - including a day trip to Halifax - I now feel like my summer is complete.
...is it bad that I'm ready for sweater weather?
But first, more pictures!

4 August 2016

My Boys

"Home is not where you are from, it is where you belong.

Some of us travel the whole world to find it...

Others find it in a person."

The other day, I was scrolling through Buzzfeed and came across an article titled "27 Perks of Being a Girl with Guy Friends." Being a girl whose three best friends are men, I was skeptical and wanted to know how many of those twenty-seven points would be accurate. As I read, I realized that most of the points fit into categories and those categories were experiences, stories and memories that no two girls would ever have together. 

First and foremost, if you are going to have a guy best friend, one topic will be prevalent in almost every single conversation...


...no, but really.
The Buzzfeed article comments on ordering pizza, eating junk food after a night out and never feeling like you eat too much, because they will always eat more.

I used to think this was a myth. I mean, I'm a girl who loves to eat and when I'm drinking, hide the chips because I will devour them. Yet, when I met Freddie a few years back, I realized that we bonded over eating. When we were having a heart to heart, he'd pull out the chips. When we were on a night out, we always brought poutine home and when we just hadn't seen each other for a while, we always found time for a sushi date. 

As the other two boys came into my life, the same happened with them, yet it seems that each friendship has its preferred snack foods and restaurants for "date nights", but that's what makes each separate friendship fun. That...and I'm always full!

A perk of my guy friendships - one that I never expected - is the advice I get when it comes to...


I have been single since before I ever knew Freddie and with the addition of KJ and Wolfie, that status has wavered, but never fully changed. Mind you, throughout the years I have had my fair share of boys to text and go on dates with and having boy best friends can make dating an adventure, both good and bad.

The good? 
They are men. They know how men work, what their minds are actually thinking and how to read right through a cryptic text message. I've never had to guess whether a guy is good or not, one or all of the boys have always known. (whether I've listened is a whole different story) When a guy screws me over, they are right there - with food - to give me a hug, let me cry, give me advice and then help me to move on stronger than ever. 

The bad?
They are men. This means that on more than one occasion they have been the reason I am still single. Whether our dinner dates make us look like a couple, or a man hears that they are my best friends and is not strong enough to take it, they are somewhat of a shield. Of course, I'd never want a man that doesn't accept the current number ones in my life, but they definitely lessen the sea of fish, just a little.

The best thing I noticed in the article was all of the quirky things that guy best friends do to show you their...


...because they rarely say it out loud.

I am a very emotional person, so I expressed my love for my best friends quite early on. They've held my hand through a lot and I wanted them to know how much I truly love and appreciate them. While they'll say it back on occasion, it is much more likely that they'll do little things to show it instead. 

Whether they tell me how beautiful I look that day, offer to help me pick out a new car or simply grab a sweater from their closet because they know I'm always cold, their actions definitely speak loud enough for me to know what they're saying. Most people would consider these simple gestures, but there are specific things like letting me watch weird indie movies on Netflix, giving me colour coordinated Christmas gifts or having a little dish ready for my syrup that are so personal, only my boys would know...and I know that they love me.

One thing that all friendships have, but that I have an abundance of with my best friends is...


...like literally, I've almost puked before.
Boys have a sense of humour that just resonates with me. The loud burps, stupid jokes and sexual innuendos have me side splitting with laughter on a daily basis. Each of my boys and I have certain inside jokes and language that only we understand. We've each had experiences that still crack us up, like falling off of golf carts or reading Asian spelling mistakes online. It's something that only we share and that makes our friendship even better.

At the end of the article it reads "...and you know it's bullshit whenever people say girls and guys can't be friends, because you are living proof." What an accurate statement. I love my boys and I would move heaven and earth for them, just like I know they'd do the same for me. We've all grown separate, yet equally as amazing friendships that I hope will last a lifetime. (heaven help the man I end up with!) So, while this article was surprisingly true, what it made me realize more than anything is that I am so incredibly thankful to have these three amazing men in my life.

To Freddie, KJ and Wolfie...

I love you!

Thank you for being my home.

2 August 2016

Men's Summer Must Haves

Say Hello

to the newest member of the Kate Lately team - Alex Landine!

He is a photographer, actor and complete men's fashion know-it-all.
Be sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram!
Here at Kate Lately, we are lucky enough to have him as our new guest blogger. Each season, he will give us the low down on what our men should be wearing. So, without further ado, here are the end of summer must haves!

Summer Shades

"Guaranteed to increase your style the minute you put them on, these plastic-rimmed sunglasses are so cheap you won't have to worry about scratches or marks. Buy a couple of pairs to change your look from day to day."

Find Summer Shades like these at H&M or Aldo.

 Dress Shoes

"Just because it's summer doesn't mean you can't dress up! Pair your leather or suede shoes with lightweight pants and funky socks, or feel free to leave the socks at home if you're wearing shorts."

These Dress Shoes can be found at Call it Spring.

Patterned Shirts

"After the muted neutrals of the winter mints, spice up your wardrobe with some funky prints! Just be careful that you're not combining too many flashy patterns in the same outfit."

Patterned Shirts can be found at H&M.

 Beach Bracelets

"This laid-back jewelry is best worn in the hot summer months. Wooden beads, rope, metal - throw on as few or as many as you'd like!"

H&M and Aldo carry many types of Beach Bracelets.

Ripped Shorts

"This is your best opportunity to pull off the distressed denim look! Soak up as much sun as possible in this chic shredded look."

These amazing white Ripped Shorts were found at H&M.

You can find Alex, and many other fashion forward men, strutting their stuff in these five fashion must haves throughout the summer. They look both effortless and chic. Tag @katelatelymedia and @alex.landine in an Instagram photo of you wearing your summer must haves and stay tuned for the next edition - Autumn 2016!