Tuesday, 16 December 2014


I am really failing at this Blogmas thing, but I'm going to blame it on the fact that not only have I just finished exams, but I've also had the flu for a week. It's been miserable, but I'm resting up in hopes that I'll be better for Christmas!

This outfit combines all of my favourite pieces: leggings, a comfy sweater and boots. Add a white shirt, a black bag and I was set to go! I had planned to spend the day writing papers in Starbucks, but with surprise visits from my two best friends, not much got done. I didn't mind, I've missed them both terribly and needed a good dose of conversation and laughter. 

This afternoon, my oldest sister arrived for a day visit, so us sisters went out shopping and I loved being with the two girls I love most. I am really looking forward to Christmas when we will all be together again. Tonight, I need to do some more resting and try to get rid of this flu because...

...only 9 days to go!

Saturday, 13 December 2014


My exams are finally over! I wrote my final one at 9:00 this morning and now it's time for Christmas! On top of that, my sister and nephew arrived last night. So, today was filled with family time.

First it was off to the grocery store (yes, I stole this from my snapchat). Being three and a half, Hunter loves to do everything himself! When he saw that the store had mini carts, he was off, shopping just like Gramma! 

Then it was time to visit Santa Claus at the mall! Last year, Hunter flat out refused to even go near Santa, so this year we tried our best to get him excited and convince him that if Santa didn't know what to bring for Christmas, he wouldn't get the right toys! And it worked!

I managed to snap this picture from behind the Christmas tree of Hunter talking to Santa. He was definitely a bit nervous, but got right up on his lap and smiled for the picture! He was also very excited about the Christmas list Santa gave him and can't wait to fill it up!

A man in our city also built this beautiful village, which was incorporated into the atmosphere around Santa. The detail was incredible, from the houses to the skiers to the little inuksuk that stood on the hill. It definitely distracted the little children waiting in line!

And of course, no mall would be complete at Christmas without a tree! This one was huge, but beautiful and makes me feel festive every time I walk by. 

I have a feeling this Christmas will be so much fun with Hunter around. It's been a long time since we've had a little one who truly believed in Santa. The last kid in this house was me! I'm excited to hang stockings, write a letter to Santa and even leave him cookies on Christmas Eve. I now understand why my family started all these traditions and I'm excited to start passing them down.

...only 12 days to go!

Friday, 12 December 2014


I was asked by Man Crates to come up with a Christmas Survival Kit of all the things I need to get through this holiday season. It was so much fun to think about the holiday items I could never live without and I hope it inspires some of you to add to your traditions during this season!

Stash Double Spice Chai Tea
I bought this tea a couple weeks ago and I am completely addicted. I love spicy drinks and the "double spice" that is in this tea makes it so spicy and perfect. It smells and tastes exactly like Christmas. I don't drink coffee, so this is a great replacement. This tea is available in most grocery stores and is extremely cheap too!

Comfy Christmas Pyjamas
This is a long lasting tradition in my family. On Christmas Eve, we always get to open brand new pyjamas and then of course we have to take photos of me and my sisters (and now my nephew). To me, it wouldn't be Christmas without brand new, cozy PJs.

Twisted Peppermint Scent (Bath and Body Works)
Every November, I ditch my usual scent and begin wearing everything Twisted Peppermint. The body spray and shower gel are my favourite. They make me smell like a candy cane and really get me into the Christmas spirit. They've become a definite staple around this time of the year.

Tis the Season Candle (Bath and Body Works)
Just like my hot drinks, I like my candles spicy. This candle smells just like cinnamon hearts and it makes my room feel so festive. While I'm still burning last year's version, I will definitely be picking up another one so I'm ready when the next Christmas season comes around! Whether I'm doing my make up or just tidying my room, I always have this burning.

Revlon Dark Cherry Lipstick
This is another new favourite from this year. The purple undertones make the shade look so wintery and warm. I only pull out dramatic lipstick around Christmas and feel that every girl should experiment with reds during this season. It's festive and very glamorous, perfect for any party. Whether you pick a dark shade like me, or a bright red, holiday lipstick is essential.

Christmas Cookies
Another tradition in my house is to stuff your face with my mom's homemade Christmas cookies. My mother starts baking in October and every single cookie is absolutely delicious. From cherry balls to chocolate roll to shortbread cookies, I definitely eat my fair share around the holidays. Cookies have just always been a big part of our Christmas.

Auntie Claus Storybook
I don't remember how old I was when I got this book, but I read it every single year. It is the most magical story with incredibly beautiful paintings on every page. Now that I'm an Auntie, I love to read this book to my nephew and watch as his face lights up with the idea that maybe, just maybe, his Auntie knows Santa too. This is a book that will definitely be passed down through our family and I can't wait to read it to my children one day.

Little Black Dress (ASOS)
Throughout the holiday season, I am invited to countless parties, attend many church services and family dinners. For me, a little black dress is essential to get me through the many events. I can change up the jewelry, from statement necklaces to sparkly headbands and throw on a coloured pair of heels or flats to spice it up. Dresses, such as this one from ASOS, are so comfortable and always look elegant. It's a definite must for Christmas.

With these eight items, my Christmas season is a lot more enjoyable and easy! I can curl up in my pyjamas with a cup of tea and read to my nephew or throw on my dress, lipstick and peppermint scent for a fancy Christmas party. Whatever the day, whatever the event, I know I'll have a wonderful Christmas season.

If you're still working on your Christmas shopping (like me) check out Man Crates. They have the coolest gifts for your man; they come in crates and have to be opened with a crow bar! How cool is that?

...only 13 days to go!