30 August 2015

Black & White & Fabulous || OOTD

After a very long few weeks, our heat wave has subsided and I am able to leave the house without running to the car for air conditioning. 

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that my all-time favourite colours to wear, to decorate with, pretty much in any circumstance, are black and white. (Coincidentally, I'm wearing black and white as I write this...) That said, it took me returning to Old Navy a second time to decide that I had to have this shirt. I mean, it was on sale for $7.99, I couldn't really pass it up!

I've paired it with black jeans and white jeans, for different evening occasions, but I love pairing it with my DIY black shorts for daytime. It's simple and cool enough for our hot summer days, but still makes me feel very put together.

Shirt: Old Navy || Shorts: Frenchy's {DIY} || Flip Flops: Old Navy || Handbag: Spring {similar}

13 August 2015

Kate Katch Up No.6

Summer is almost over and I cannot believe how many memories I have packed into the last few months. It seems like every week there are new pictures to take and adventures to have! Of course, this is exactly what a summer should be and I'm going to be sad to see it all end. Below is just a sneak peek of what I've been up to, who I've been with and what we've seen.

Here is my Summer 2015 catch up:

Climbing Trees in the Park // Completing another Lighthouse visit with Sarah and Mom // Happy Canada Day!

Dressed in our Wedding Best // Learning to play Hopscotch // Thrift Shopping "Pretty Little Liars" Style

Enjoying a PEI Chai Latte // Camping - Just me and my Sister // Splash Pad Playing

Hiking Dickson Falls with Momma // Strolling the Wharf // Loving the Llamas at the Zoo

Soon, it will be no more day trips, no more sleeping in and time to take on life on my own! Thankfully, I'll have all these memories of what is turning out to be an incredible summer.

What has your best summer 2015 memory been?

6 August 2015

Hidden Gem || OOTD

Do you ever have those days where, out of the back of your closet, you find a piece of clothing that suddenly has so much potential? That happened to me and this dress.
Last summer, I bought two dresses from Urban Planet for only $8.00 each! I wore them to death and then put them away for the next summer. Yet, when this season rolled around I hung them up and there they have stayed. Until now.

With a simple belt and matching bag, I gave to life to this "old" bargain dress. Of course, I couldn't run errands without my favourite flip flops! It was very simple, but probably one of my most favourite outfits so far, this summer.

Dress: Urban Planet {similar} || Belt: Old Navy {similar} || Flip Flops: Old Navy {similar} || Bag: Spring {similar}