Goodbye Target

I've been trying to ignore it, but it seems it is still happening --
Target is closing in Canada.

It was announced a few months ago and now the closing sales get better and better as the store empties out. So, I decided to wander through the almost bare store to see what type of makeup deals I could find. While only one aisle of makeup still exists, I managed to find some fun colours and new products to try out this spring.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the incredible packaging!?
I have to admit, that is a big part of what drew me to these products...

Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks
{L-R} Magnolia || Tulip || Peony

I was so excited when I found a huge collection of these Revlon lipsticks hidden on a shelf. A few days ago, I watched a spring makeup tutorial by Fleur de Force and she was talking about these lipsticks. While she had Hydrangea on, I fell in love with these shades. 

I picked up the orangey Tulip and light pink Peony for myself and then decided my mom deserved a treat too and Magnolia is the perfect shade for her. (She was so excited!) 

This morning, I decided to try out Tulip and I love it!
The texture, the pigment, the lasting power -- all amazing!
This is definitely my new favourite product for spring.

L'Oreal Paris La Couleur Infallible Eyeshadow
Endless Pearl || Magnetic Coral

...and then I got my hands on these eyeshadows for 50% off!

I already own a light pink version and I just love the loose pigment. This product builds so well and gives the perfect amount of shine. I just can't talk about this enough and I am really looking forward to incorporating a light beige and bright coral into my spring eye!

L'Oreal Paris Magic Lumi Primer
Rimmel London Exaggerate Lip Liner in Natural

Lastly, I decided to go out on a whim and try two new products.

I've always wanted to try a primer. Not necessarily for everyday, but for those special events when I need my makeup to stay on for hours. I love the idea of having your primer also work as a bit of a highlight. I'm very excited to try it out!

Another product I've been thinking a lot about is a lipliner. I love wearing bright lipsticks, but I find they like to smudge and bleed a bit around the edges of my lips. So, I picked up a fairly nude lipliner and again, using it this morning, I am thrilled! It gives such a finished look to my lips and I will be using this every single day.

I had so much fun makeup shopping in the almost empty aisles of Target and while I will miss having it in the city, it gives me another excuse to make a weekend trip to the U.S.

What are your favourite new products for spring?

Birds Are Back

Sunnies: Aldo || Blazer: H&M {similar} || Leggings: Forever 21
Blouse: Reitmans {similar here and here} || Boots: Spring {similar}


I am happy to say that I think the sun has remembered where I live. Finally, after months and months and MONTHS of waiting in the cold and snow, spring has arrived. Our temperatures have risen just above zero and puddles are forming. This is exciting.

Of course, my pattern of leggings and boots isn't likely to end for another month or so as I'm still in school four days a week. Comfort is key. It's nice to know that parkas and hats are no longer a requirement and I will no longer be driving home in the dark.

It's the beginning to a brand new season and a whole new chapter in my life.
What are you hoping for this spring?


Although it was last weekend, I think International Women's Day is such an empowering and beautiful day.
That said, I had seen many YouTubers post videos called #DEARME.

After watching a few, I realized they were letters of advice written by the author to her younger self. Immediately, I loved the idea. I thought it was inspiring and such a great way to not only look back on your own successes and mistakes, but to encourage others going through those younger stages.
So, even though it's a bit late, I wanted to write my very own #DEARME.

I wrote it, read it and made my very own video.
And I am so proud of it.
My life up to this point has been rocky, but I have been blessed.
I wish I could go back and let my teenage self read this, but then maybe I wouldn't be sitting here, in this exact spot, today. So instead, I think I'll just let you all take a look.