Friday, 23 January 2015

Little Girl Blue

Jacket: H&M {similar} | Scarf: Spring | Leggings: Garage {similar} | Boots: Spring {similar}

It has been a crazy week! Besides trying to beat off a flu bug, I also pulled a nerve in my back and am forbidden to wear heels until it's healed. Not ideal for a girl who is barely 5'3". Still, I'm finding ways to rock the flat boots and it's easy with my favourite coat and brand new plaid scarf. (Finally, I found one I's only taken me all season).

Also, I decided to try out the new "half up half down bun" hairstyle and I have to say, I'm loving it. It keeps my hair out of my face, while still looking amazing and it stays beautiful through the cold and wind. Looks like I've found my new go-to hairstyle!

Hopefully, this next week is a little bit smoother, although...assignment time has begun...

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Infinite Palace of Prada

On Sunday, Prada held their Autumn Winter Men's and Women's Fashion Show and streamed it online for viewers around the world to drool over. Taking every advantage to see any fashion show, I tuned in from my living room and watched in amazement. Once again, Prada nailed it.

This was my favourite men's ensemble. The simplicity of the lines and structure makes his tall stature look so powerful and professional. Underneath, the suit they have placed the most beautiful coloured dress shirt and the whole look is complimented by double breasted buttons. I love every single thing about this look.

When it came to the women, I couldn't decide between two of the most stunning looks. This show had many dresses with different placed bows, but this one was so simple and fit the model so perfectly. I could see many celebrities wearing, and making the best dressed list, in this piece. Bows can be hard to make modern, but Prada did it with ease.

The plaid coat was the most colourful part of the entire show and definitely caught my eye. Similarly to the men's ensemble, this coat is so simply constructed and fits her beautifully. The colours are bright, but compliment each other well and I would love to own a coat like this, especially from Prada.

My one criticism of the show was the staging.
While the 'Infinite Palace' was beautiful and well constructed, it was inconvenient for the viewers. While watching, I realized the models were walking through the rooms so quickly that I could barely get a good look at them before they had moved on. Instead of a runway, where you can see the model from the entrance to the exit, this construction only allowed a brief look at Prada's hard work.

Overall, this was an amazing way for Prada to allow many people a look at their new collection. They did a beautiful job and I would love to wear one of these pieces or carry one of their bags. The lines, the colours and the placement of details were all perfect, just like the brand itself.

Did you watch the A/W show? What are your opinions on the collection?

(Pictures from Facebook and DesignBoom)

Friday, 16 January 2015

Surviving University: What You Will Need


After 3 long years of University (and 18 months of full time work in the middle) I can FINALLY see the finish line. On July 10, I will graduate with my Bachelor of Arts degree and will be so proud to walk across the stage in my black gown. For those of you who are just beginning this road, or stuck somewhere in the middle, here are a few items I found so helpful to get me to this point.

Here are my tips to: Surviving University

These two items are probably the most important you will ever own in University. I take my laptop and planner with me everywhere. My Mac holds all of my notes, my social media accounts and any papers I have or am currently writing. My planner holds all of my social events, grad dates, assignment due dates and birthdays. Without these two, I would be completely lost. More than anything, you need a light laptop and cute planner to organize your University life.

3. // Notebook
4. // Water Bobble

Notebooks are also a really great idea, as sometimes professors want you to take handwritten notes, or hand in an in-class assignment. I always make sure I have a notebook on hand for times when my laptop just won't cut it. Plus, I love the cute designs that Chapters offers! 
My water bottle is also a must. This semester (and last) I have mostly night classes, which means I start the day quite exhausted. Cold water helps to keep me awake and alert, plus extra water never hurt anyone!

6. // Slippers

These two items may seem a little strange for University, but I have used both almost every single day for the last year. I am actually finishing my degree in 3.5 years, due to the online courses I've been taking. Doing them on my own means I have spent hours either in Starbucks or at home teaching myself new things and trying to learn via the internet. For the Starbucks days, becoming a gold card member has really payed off! (Every 12th drink is free!) and when I'm at home, slippers just make me feel cozy, especially during these cold winter months.

These six items have been my saving grace over the past few years and I would highly recommend them to any University student. Although I'm excited to graduate, I'll miss those days when I could stay at home in leggings and slippers. For now, I'll keep these items close and do my best to finish my eight courses by July!

What are your must haves for University?