23 July 2015

Preparing to Nest

photo via popsugar

Within the next few months, I am taking a huge leap and moving out of my childhood home for the very first time. While there are so many decisions and fears associated with this new chapter in my life, I prefer to focus on the fun things -- such as decor!

...and Pinterest has been a huge help!

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It is still being decided whether I will live on my own or be sharing an apartment with my best friend. Either way, there will be space that I can finally call my own and if anyone knows me, they will know that every piece of decor will revolve around my favourite colours (or shades, or tints, whatever!) -- black and white.

photo via style me pretty

When I found the rug (above) at IKEA, I was sold. I love how clean and classic black and white look when paired together. Of course, I'm going to add in other colours, but these two will be my base. That way, when the other colours begin to be too much, or they're just not my favourite anymore, I can switch out throw pillows and picture frames for new ones at little cost.

photo via media cache

As a recent graduate, I'm not going to be making a six figure salary right off the bat. Due to this, I foresee a lot of DIY projects in my future. I am obsessed with the nightstand (above) and with some wood and white paint, I know I could make a great knock off. Of course, any successful projects will be posted on here for you all to see!

photo via popsugar

It's going to be an interesting few months as I figure out what works (this rolling rack -- love!) and what doesn't in my new space. Between black and white, DIY and adorable thrifted knick knacks, I know I will be able to create a home I am proud of.

In preparation for this huge adventure, I wanted to give you all a heads up. I hope you are excited to follow me on this journey and stay tuned for many more updates on the details!

Also, if you have any recommendations for living in a small space or decorating your first home...please let me know! I'd love some ideas.

22 July 2015

Under My Umbrella

This week's weather has been HORRID.
Rain and clouds have taken over every single day and taking pictures has been the worst. Luckily, I managed to run outside while it sprinkled and capture these images. This is one of my favourite outfits of the summer because it's comfy and includes the most amazing shoes -- my Birkenstocks!

In Canada, Birkenstocks are crazy expensive (apparently it has something to do with shipping prices), wavering around the $120.00 mark. I have always wanted a pair, but for that much cash I wanted to love them...so I just could not risk it.

While I was in Germany last summer, we stayed at a small hotel in the Rhine Valley that was located next to a Birkenstock store. With only fifteen minutes to roam around one morning, a bunch of us ran into the store and grabbed our favourite shoes for only $45.00!

I managed to get my hands on the last pair of size 7 black Birkenstocks in the store and I have barely taken them off my feet since that day. They are the most comfortable sandal, they look amazing with any outfit and they always remind me of my European trip. While I'd love to snag another pair, I may just start planning my next trip to Germany instead and pick up another pair at a great price!

If you haven't already, you need to try out a pair of Birkenstocks. You won't regret it.
What is your favourite summer shoe?

Dress: New Look {similar} || Sweater: Forever 21 {similar} || Sandals: Birkenstock

20 July 2015

I Now Pronounce You

|| MR & MRS ||

I cannot believe that my cousin is married. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in school gymnasiums, watching him play sports and wondering what life would be like when we both grew up. Well, here we are.

My cousin and his WIFE (or my new cousin, as I love to remind her) were married on July 11 in their hometown, which is only an hour or so from mine. It was an outdoor wedding and although it was incredibly hot, it was also beautiful.

I fell in love with the reception space. It was so neutral and organic looking, plus their colours -- navy, cream and coral -- were a great compliment to the wood and swagging that was already there.

To be honest, I've never attended a family wedding in which I was not part of the bridal party! Crazy, I know. So, being able to sit so close and feel so special as part of the family section was something I really enjoyed. 

My cousin's bridesmaids wore navy, but were each allowed to choose their own dresses and nude shoes. This was probably my favourite of the five outfits, the dress fit her beautifully and the back was full of sparkly lace. Just perfect.

I definitely shed a few tears when I saw my cousin (the groom) and his little brother standing up front in their suits. These boys have grown up and become more like brothers to me, so it was a very special moment.

In case you missed my Instagram post, my nephew was the adorable ring bearer! The outfit was far too cute for words and he took his job very seriously.

...and then came the bride! 

I was far too busy smiling, crying and watching her walk down the aisle to snap any pictures, but she looked stunning. The look on my cousin's face said it all, she is the one for him.

The vows were beautiful and I was really, really honoured to be a part of their day by reading a verse during the ceremony. So really, I guess I've still never been to a family wedding without being involved.

After the ceremony, I managed to snap a picture of the back of her dress.
The top was strapless and completely lace, with a gorgeous corset back. The bottom of the dress was fun and beautiful, completely tulle and completely fitting of the bride's personality.

This was one of the last pictures I managed to capture before my phone decided to die in the July heat. The bride and groom looked so happy sitting up front in front of their (amazing!) marquee letters. They were probably my favourite decorations of the day.

The reception was perfect. The food, the speeches, the laughter, it was everything I could have ever imagined for this couple. And, like our family does, we danced, drank and celebrated early into the morning.

I am so happy for this incredible couple and could not be more excited to see what life brings them next!