29 January 2016

Let The Makeover Begin

Now that I think I have finally decided where I am living - for now - I requested that my parents help me completely revamp my space into something a bit more...adult.

Interior decorating is one of my favourite pastimes and I love spending hours going through Pinterest boards and trying out new colour schemes. After months of doing this, I have finally decided on a palette and somewhat of a theme.

Before I get too ahead of myself, I made a video to show you all what I am working with.
Here is what my room looks like BEFORE.

27 January 2016

V-Day Series: Part I

...yeah, you read that right.
I hate Valentine's Day.

There are many reasons I hate this holiday and (to the surprise of many) it has nothing to do with the fact that I am single. In fact, even when I was not single, I hated the idea of one day a year when people were expected to show their love. In my opinion, there should not be one day to do this, instead, you should take an opportunity any day to show someone that you love them.

That said, this is not a series to rant about all the reasons I hate Valentine's Day, but instead a series to show how I, as an anti V-day girl, attempt to embrace the season of love.

Red, White & Pink...Everywhere.

Stores seem to have a fear of not showcasing holiday merchandise on their shelves - so this means that as soon as Christmas is over and the santa themed decor is on sale...BOOM! Valentine's Day merchandise seems to explode and spread throughout the mall before we can blink.

Before I get into the actual decor, I need to just mention how much I hate the colour red. It is definitely a personal thing...but it doesn't help that every store is currently covered in it. Yuck.

I found the table above while browsing around Chapters and while I would actually refuse to accept a gift that said "J'taime" or a coin purse shaped like Barbie lips, I like that they've gone outside of the V-Day expectations and produced black and white merchandise. This V-Day, I don't have a man who will be gifting me, but I would not be opposed to buying myself that cute black clutch or maybe, maybe even the black and white heart scarf.

When it comes to Valentine's Day merchandise, I am much less likely to hold down a gag and actually enjoy browsing if the company has used their creativity and stepped outside of the cliche red and pink hearts.

What is your opinion? Do you enjoy the cheesy V-Day products or do you prefer something a bit more subtle?

Until next time...

13 January 2016

Winter Baby Names

In case you have not realized yet - I love baby names.
I have kept a personal list of favourites for years and now I am exploring new themes and giving you all new ideas for your potential children. Or maybe, just new names to add to your own list.
Both my Winter Baby Names for girls and boys can be found on my YouTube channel.
Here are the names included in my boys names' video:


Out of these baby boy names, my top three would be Shepherd (nickname Shep), Whittaker (nickname Whit) or Balthazar - but only as a middle name! They're so unique and have great winter-esque meanings!

You can watch my Winter Baby Boy Names video above.
What are your favourite winter choices?